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Shapefile Great Britain json kml shp sql wkt

The files contain vector data on the geopolitical boundaries of Great Britain, including Northern Ireland, in various and universal geodata formats. Scale: 1:1 Million. Projection: WGS84. The following data formats are available: shapefile for ESRI ArcGIS, KML for Google Maps/Google Earth, GeoJSON for web applications or Quantum GIS, WKT as a text presentation, SQL for Mysql-Geometry. Thereby almost every geo-information system should be able to import the data. Sample data: -4.6805267,51.642376 -4.6863427,51.640034 -4.686604,51.63615 -4.6906071,51.634739 -4.6998844,51.638062 -4.7071986,51.636841 -4.7054892,51.641426 -4.7129631,51.645912 -4.710062,51.647312 -4.7060018,51.646671 -4.6975074,51.645164 -4.6883545,51.646404 -4.6805267,51.642376


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