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Shapefile of Swiss Postal Codes json kml shp sql wkt

This file contains the postal code borders of all Swiss postal codes as vector data in various universal geodata formats. What data fields/columns are included City/municipality name, postal code, number addition (for cities with multiple postal codes, eg. Zurich) Which file format is the data available in The projection is WGS84. The following data formats are available: shapefile for ESRI ArcGIS KML for Google Maps/Google Earth GeoJSON for web applications or Quantum GIS WKT as a text presentation SQL for Mysql-Postgresql-Geometry SVG for image-processing programs Therefore, almost any geo-information system should be able to import the data. How many entries does the dataset contain 4,183 When was the data compiled 2012 What source is the data from Source: «Cadastral Suverying in Switzerland/swisstopo». In the case of commercial use, the sources must be cited; otherwise the data may be used freely. Sample data: { "type": "Feature", "properties": { "Zusatz": "0","Plz": "4663","Name": "Aarburg" }, "geometry": { "type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [ [[[7.89254158493761,47.3187850925986],[7.89267123542171,47.3188487490495],....]] ] } } , { "type": "Feature", "properties": { "Zusatz": "0","Plz": "4912","Name": "Aarwangen" }, "geometry": { "type": "MultiPolygon", "coordinates": [ [[[7.74522211793501,47.2223335019712],[7.74501300199971,47.2222986172674],.....]]] ] } }


Population per Postal Code (Germany) sql txt xls

What does the dataset contain The dataset contains an Excel table in which each German postal code area and city has its population count (approx.) noted. The population count is not official - it has been extracted from micro-geographical population data and therefore is only approximate. Deviations may exist. The dataset is particularly useful in differentiating between particularly dense and sparsely populated postal code areas. This allows insight on where marketing efforts or sales divisions can be, respectively, controlled or undertaken based on the population density. What data fields are included Five digit German postal code; corresponding city name; approximate population count How many entries does the dataset have 16,115 rows (some postal codes include several communities, so these areas are listed multiple times) Which file format is the data available in .xlsx for MS Excel; .sql for Mysql; .txt as a full text Sample data: 01326 Dresden 9100 01328 Dresden 10000 01445 Radebeul 29000 01454 Großerkmannsdorf 17900 01454 Radeberg 17900 01454 Ullersdorf 17900


Map of German Postal Codes shp

You will receive this map of postal codes from Germany as a shape file (.shp). This can also be processed for ArcGIS with the open GIS Quantum GIS without licensing fees. In addition to the postal code areas the file also contains an outline of corresponding postal codes’ data attributes and can thereby be rendered as a legend for the diagram (see screenshot). The file can be further processed on a GIS system or in an image-processing program (one with enough space due to the file size). Disclaimer: The extent to which the dataset is up to date, correct, and complete cannot be guaranteed due to the changing nature of postal codes. Possible uses include visualization and geographical planning for sales and distribution sectors, field service, franchise, or delivery areas, as well as geomarketing .


Postcodes Database international zip

What does the dataset contain.. The files include an international database of all postcodes worldwide. That includes 895395 lines of postcodes from 68 different countries. The files are available in .xls, .csv and .xlsx format. Columns are: country code (e.g. DE, US,..), city, postcode, state and geoposition (latitude und longitude). Dataset preview: DE;60389;Frankfurt am Main;Hessen;50.1492;8.7097 NL;1000;Amsterdam;Provincie Noord-Holland;52.374;4.8897 US;90001;Los Angeles;California;33.9731;-118.2479


List of US postcodes csv txt sql xls

This dataset contains a list of the 41.000 US post codes. Included data fields are p ostal code, city, county and state as well as the geographic center point (centroid) in latitude/longitude format (WGS84) . The data allows radial search applications to find nearby postcodes and nearby places/people for web applications and location based services. Data formats provided are .xls, .csv and .sql. Extract of the data: ID Zipcode City County State Latitude Longitude 253 01085 Westfield Hampden Massachusetts 42.15636 -72.77873 254 01086 Westfield Hampden Massachusetts 42.13889 -72.75605 255 01088 West Hatfield Hampshire Massachusetts 42.38595 -72.63952 256 01089 West Springfield Hampden Massachusetts 42.11605 -72.63993 257 01090 West Springfield Hampden Massachusetts 42.12321 -72.65305 258 01092 West Warren Worcester Massachusetts 42.21250 -72.19166 259 01093 Whately Franklin Massachusetts 42.43444 -72.64674 260 01094 Wheelwright Worcester Massachusetts 42.35193 -72.14027 261 01095 Wilbraham Hampden Massachusetts 42.12411 -72.44268 262 01096 Williamsburg Hampshire Massachusetts 42.39719 -72.7452 263 01097 Woronoco Hampden Massachusetts 42.16346 -72.83762 264 01098 Worthington Hampshire Massachusetts 42.30635 -72.87618 265 01101 Springfield Hampden Massachusetts 42.09914 -72.58809 ..


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