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Municipalities in Hesse, Germany csv txt xls

What does the dataset contain The dataset contains a list of all 426 municipalities in Hesse with contact information. XLS and CSV file formats are available. File encoding is UTF8. The following fields of information are included: * City or Region Name * Mayor * Phone * Contact Address * Email * Website Sample data: "439001";"Aarbergen";"Scheliga, Udo ";"06120/27-0";"06120/27-44";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Aarbergen";"Rathausstraße 1";"65326";"";"" "431001";"Abtsteinach";"Reinhard, Rolf ";"06207/9407-0";"06207/9407-30";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Abtsteinach";"Kirchstraße 2";"69518";"";"" "633001";"Ahnatal";"Aufenanger, Michael ";"05609/628-0";"05609/628-114";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Ahnatal";"Wilhelmsthaler Straße 3";"34292";"";"" "632001";"Alheim";"Lüdtke, Georg ";"06623/9200-0";"06623/9200-40";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Alheim";"Alheimer Straße 2";"36211";"";"" "635001";"Allendorf (Eder)";"Junghenn, Claus ";"06452/9131-0";"06452/9131-20";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Allendorf";"Schulstraße 5";"35108";"";"" "432001";"Alsbach-Hähnlein";"Rausch, Georg ";"06257/5008-0";"06257/5008-60";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Alsbach-Hähnlein";"Bickenbacher Straße 6";"64665";"";"" "440001";"Altenstadt";"Syguda, Norbert ";"06047/8000-0";"06047/8000-50";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Altenstadt";"Frankfurter Straße 11";"63674";"";"" "534002";"Angelburg";"Mai, Norbert ";"06464/9166-0";"06464/9166-20";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Angelburg";"Bahnhofstraße 1";"35719";"";"" "535002";"Antrifttal";"Averdung, Johannes ";"06631/91805-0";"06631/9180-55";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Antrifttal";"Weihersweg 24";"36326";"";"" "633006";"Bad Emstal";"Pfeiffer, Ralf ";"05624/9997-0";"05624/9997-33";"Gemeindevorstandder Gemeinde Bad Emstal";"Kasseler Straße 57";"34308";"";""


City counsil address list Germany xls

The dataset contains a full directory of all German municipalities (cities and communes) together with their according town hall addresses, mayor names and other information. In sum, there are more than 11.200 entries in the Excel files. Additionally you have a website url and the name of the county and federal state for each entry. What data fields/columns are included Prefix of the name, name of the municipality, postal address, name of the mayor, website url, no. of inhabitants, county name, federal state name, unique id Not each entries has all cells filled. Names and Adresses are available for almost all entries. Also website is often filled (only if the municpality offers a website). Which file format is the data available in Microsoft Excel File .xlsx How many entries does the dataset contain 11.257 entries When was the dataset created Last update: November 2012 Sample data: Kreisfreie Stadt Frankfurt am Main Peter Feldmann 679660 Frankfurt am Main, Stadt Hessen 6412000 Kreisfreie Stadt Offenbach am Main Berliner Straße 100, 63065 Offenbach am Main Horst Schneider 120430 Offenbach am Main, Stadt Hessen 6413000 Kreisfreie Stadt Wiesbaden Schloßplatz 6, 65183 Wiesbaden Helmut Müller 275970 Wiesbaden, Landeshauptstadt Hessen 6414000


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