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German Last Names csv txt sql txt

This dataset contains a list of common German last names and can be used for checking web forms, data cleansing, marketing, as well as name research. There is a total of about 280,000 last names with their approximate frequency in Germany. The file is available in .SQL for databases, .TXT for full text, and .CSV and .XLS for Microsoft Excel. Sample data: Müller Schmidt Schneider Fischer Weber Meyer Wagner Becker Schulz Hoffmann Schäfer Bauer Koch Richter .... INSERT INTO deutscheNachnamen (nachname, count) VALUES ('Müller', 0.0093420892867869), ('Schmidt', 0.00686185376133498), ('Schneider', 0.00425821153864757), ('Fischer', 0.003572982518439), ('Weber', 0.00316020458807341), ('Meyer', 0.00297253812926703), ('Wagner', 0.00293376893138738), ('Becker', 0.00266525361400467), ('Schulz', 0.00261931174668809), ('Hoffmann', 0.00255133691017806),


List of German Newspapers csv txt sql xls

This dataset contains a list of 693 German newspapers. Data fields are the newspaper's name, city and country it's located in, as well as its website. The data is available in the following file formats: SQL, Excel, and CSV. Sample data: "1";"Aachener Nachrichten";"Aachen";"Deutschland";"" "2";"Aachener Zeitung";"Aachen";"Deutschland";"" "3";"Aalener Nachrichten";"Aalen";"Deutschland";"" "4";"Aar-Bote";"Bad Schwalbach";"Deutschland";"" "5";"Abendzeitung";"München";"Deutschland";"" "6";"Acher- und Bühler Bote";"Achern";"Deutschland";"" "7";"Acher-Rench-Zeitung";"Achern";"Deutschland";"" "8";"Achimer Kreisblatt";"Achim";"Deutschland";"" "9";"Ahlener Tageblatt";"Ahlen";"Deutschland";"" "10";"Ahlener Zeitung";"Ahlen";"Deutschland";"" "11";"Ahrensburger Zeitung";"Ahrensburg";"Deutschland";"" "12";"Aichacher Nachrichten";NULL;"Deutschland";"" "13";"Aichacher Zeitung";NULL;"Deutschland";"" "14";"Alb Bote";"Münsingen";"Deutschland";"" "15";"Alfelder Zeitung";"Alfeld (Leine)";"Deutschland";"" "16";"Aller-Zeitung";"Gifhorn";"Deutschland";"" "17";"Allgäuer Anzeigeblatt";NULL;"Deutschland";""


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