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map of US states as shapefile, KML, svg vector data

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This dataset is offered by a user of the marketplace since Monday, April, the 8th 2013, 20:46h. This was 1872 days ago.

Description of the dataset

What information does the dataset contain?
The files contain the state borders of all 50 US states as vector data in a number of common geodata formats for download. 

What data fields/columns are included?
name of the state, shape polygon of state borders

Which file format is the data available in?
Projection: WGS84. The available file formats are .shp Shapefile for ESRI ArcGIS, KML for Google Earth, GeoJSON for Web Applications or Quantum GIS, WKT as pure text representation and SQL as Mysql-Geometry. So that nearly all GIS programs should be able to import and work with the data.

How many entries does the dataset contain?
all 50 states:
Alabama Alaska  Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii  Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas  Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi  Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio    Oklahoma Oregon  Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee  Texas   Utah    Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming     

When was the dataset created?

What source is the data from?
The data is an extract from OpenStreetMap ( - published under CC-BY-SA 2.0 ( license. When using this data, you have to respect the license conditions, e.g. using the above attribution + links. The price of the dataset is processing costs, the OpenStreetmap data itself can be used without a license fee.

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states1.png states2.png states3.png states4.png states5.png

Description of files

Size: 6.54M
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Size: 7.44M
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Size: 8.06M
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Size: 500
Size: 2.55K
Size: 8.11M
Size: 5.5M
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Size: 7.43M
Size: 5.13M

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