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German Administrative Boundaries Geodata


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Description of the dataset

What information does the dataset contain?
The files contain the names and administrative boundaries of all German administrative units, so classified:

  • * 11.329 Communities (municipalities, cities, joint communities, independent municipalities)
  • * 402 Counties/ urban districts
  • * 16 Federal states

Furthermore, the units are organized hierarchically, so that one can easily see which county a community falls under, or which federal state a county is in. The population is also included.
What data fields/columns are included?
Classification; Name; Population; County Code; Federal State ID

Which file format is the data available in?
.sql - You will receive the data as a database export for MySQL.
What is the source of the data?
The data was extracted from OpenStreetMap ( and is published under CC-BY-SA 2.0 license ( Each section of the data must also stay under this license; the original source must be cited with each use. The price listed below includes the processing and formatting of the data, and is not a licensing fee. The OpenStreetMap data can be used without a licensing fee.

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Description of files

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Price: 499,00 Euro


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