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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is your venue for digital data. This site allows you to:

  1. purchase data, for private or business needs. See all datasets.
  2. post your own datasets free of charge, and receive commission for each sale. Post your dataset.
  3. Upload datasets free of charge and make them available for public use. is an electronic marketplace for datasets, databases and files. These datasets can be used for private or business needs, for instance: data mining, business intelligence, data enrichment and validation e.g. geodata for web development or mobile location based services, and company addresses for marketing, dialog marketing or customer acquisition, etc. Data suppliers can offer their datasets here free of charge and profit by selling them, as long as they abide by the necessary rules that govern the exchange. Consumers can purchase the datasets at a favorable price, with out the complexity of creating or collecting the dataset themselves, and have it instantly available to download.

I did not find the dataset I was looking for. What can I do?

Sie können hier ein öffentliches Datengesuch erstellen. Dies wird dann von Datenlieferanten gesehen, die dann hoffentlich gezielt einen geeigneten Datensatz für Sie bereitstellen. Das Interessse von Datenlieferanten, Ihnen einen passenden Datensatz anzubieten, steigt mit einer hohen Summe, die Sie bereit sind für den Datensatz zu zahlen.

Do I have to buy the dataset if I submit a request for it?

No, you may place a data request even one with a premium, without being obligated to purchase it. You will be notified via email about fitting datasets, and can, on the platform, choose to buy them or not.

I think one of the data sets offered is interesting, but a bit expensive. Can anything be done about the price?

There is no room for negotiations in the offer for records. We, the platform operator, serve as an intermediary between external data vendors and data buyers. The data vendor that created this record, is responsible for setting its description and price. We, as the platform operator, cannot change the price in the way that an online auction house is not able to change the price of it's sellers.
In the case that a record's current price is not favorable to you, you can use the Price Alert function (found to the right of each offer), which will notify you of any change in price via email.

Which datasets are allowed, which are not?

In principle, the data you wish to provide on the platform is up to you. It is important to keep in mind, however, that you must have the right of sale to this data, and that it does not violate German law, common decency, or our terms of service. Note, in particular, that the privacy of the personal data of third parties is protected. Therefore, no data of individuals will be processed on this platform. Data requests are reviewed for this reason before they are made visible to the public.

Am I allowed to offer the customer data of private citizens?

No, the law permits the disclosure of customer data or personal information of individuals only with their explicit consent. This agreement is often not executed or not detectable, so it's been decided to not allow the posting of such data on this platform.

Are the datasets offered legal?

In offering datasets on this website, the data providers ensure the legality of those datasets. In addition, we review all datasets before activation to determine if any are in violation of the law. In the case that they are indeed in violation, or if we receive notice from a third party in that respect, the dataset will be immediately blocked.

What am I allowed to do with the purchased datasets?

With this purchase, the buyer does not gain ownership rights, but rather a limited right of use, which permits the use of the data for both private and business needs. The right of use is limited to the natural or legal entity that purchased it. The resale or sharing of the data, complete or in part, to third parties is strictly prohibited. The buyer must take notice of the laws applicable to the use or application of the data.

Is email marketing allowed?

Email marketing - also in B2B - can be considered as spam easily and is regulated by legal laws. Email is only allowed with consent of the receiver. Existence of an email address in a dataset does not mean consent. Other rules for email marketing may apply too in country. We therefore recommend not using email adresses for bulk messages in order to avoid legal consequences.

When do I receive the commission?

We collect the sales data for all your deals on a monthly basis. The sales of the last month will be summarized and payment of the commissions to the data provider will start on the first work day of the following month. If we have the bank details, then the transfer will be initiated immediately and, depending on the bank, will be credited to your account in the first week of the month. Otherwise, we will then request your bank details and a transfer will be initiated as soon as we receive them. Should the balance for commissions be under 10 Euro, then the amount will not be paid, but rather transferred to the next month.

How can I register?

Registration is automatically available with the first transaction on the platform (creating a data request or buying a record). Registration is not necessary before then because all functions are available without registration. All data requests and dataset postings are public. Only after a purchase will you need a login to access the data.

My question has still not been answered. What can I do?

Send your email to, we will answer it as soon as possible.