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travel agencies in UK

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Description of data request

What information should the dataset contain?

adress list of all travel agencies in UK for marketing

What data fields/columns should be included?

name, adress, phone

Bidding for this dataset

100 Euro

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The dataset contains a list of 4.800 hotels all over the US. The information inlcudes the name of the hotel, the address, the geolocation and phone number (optional), web address (optional). What data fields/columns are included name, address, phone (sometimes), web address (sometimes), lon, lat Which file format is the data available in .csv and .xlsx for Microsoft Excel How many entries does the dataset contain > 4.800 entries When was the dataset created 2012 What source is the data from The data is an extract from OpenStreetMap ( published under CC-BY-SA 2.0 ( license. When using this data, you have to respect the license conditions, e.g. using the above attribution + links . The price of the dataset is processing costs, the OpenStreetmap data itself can be used without a license fee . Sample data: Worthington Lodge - Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park Lodge Avenue, Carlisle, KY 40311, USA 8592895507 -83.995569 38.432174 Writtenhouse Hotel 210 West Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA -75.173012 39.949849 Wunsche Brothers Saloon and Hotel 113 Midway Street, Spring, TX 77373, USA -95.417716 30.079107 Wyatt Earp Inn 27th Road, KS, USA -95.727748 38.426090


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